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Doggie Tails

DOGGIE TAILS The other week a friend asked if she could stay with me for a few days so that she could go to a conference close by however she also wanted to bring her 2 dogs with her and would I look after them whilst she was at the conference. I was delighted I […]

Have you shaken your tail feathers recently?

Have you noticed how the pigeons are behaving at present? I have been highly amused watching a pair of pigeons who sit on the fence in my back garden, they are real time wasters. The male pigeon is continuously flirting with the female edging his way along the fence little by little towards her (well […]

Is IT working for you?

Ever get stuck in an IT rutt, not knowing which way to turn next? When your IT Systems are constantly crashing. Important deadlines to meet. Is everything stacking up behind you? You need to call JP IT Solutions, helping clients find the right solution. IT systems should aid the running of a business, and not […]

Organic Candles

Not all candles are the same! We specifically selected these candles because for over 16 years, our supplier’s aim is to produce organic, high quality, environmentally friendly candles, uniquely manufactured with ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to the environment. These truly natural and organic candles are a better choice over normal main stream […]

The importance of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is important because it helps you to grow your business, making sure that your receipts and invoices are processed correctly is very important as it will show how your business is performing. It is important that your accounts are updated on a regular basis otherwise they may go off track, also by having up […]